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"I woke up with a bad allergic/blistery/hivey itchy reaction to something on my chin Friday morning. It’s happened once before after being under a lot of stress & the past month has def been amped up in that way. I intuitively thought to put only my 500 natural oil tincture on my face as my facial serum to help calm, simplify & be an anti-inflam for that area and it’s healed so fast. It’s hardly noticeable today." - Holly T. 

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for your wonderful products and also for your stellar customer service. The CBD Tinctures that I got from you helped SO MUCH when I injured my hip. I can’t take prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatories, so I realized that I had the tincture that I had bought from you to try and wow –I’m so glad I had it! It helped so much. And when I ran out, and explained why I needed more as soon as possible, I can’t tell you how grateful I was for your kindness and above-and-beyond customer service. I almost cried with relief and gratitude when I came home to find the package had already arrived (expedited by you!). In addition to a good product and fantastic service, I’m also very very impressed that even though you are a small company, you absorb the expense of independent lab testing to ensure purity and potency. Too many large companies, even those making huge profits, won’t do that! It says a lot about your integrity and the quality of your products. It’s such a pleasure to find such a good company and good products. Keep up the good work!" - Kathie A.

"Since I've started taking the tinctures over a year now I've been able to manage my nerve pain the best i have been in years. This company cares about their product and it shows in the quality of CBD oil they sell. i can't go a day without taking this oil. it helps with so much for me; from headaches, nerve pain, to getting a full nights rest. Seriously thank you for making such a great product!!" - Kathy T.

"These products are life changing! For humans and animals. We sell these oils in our shop and the testimonials are pouring in. So glad we chose Holistic Hemp Company. None of the other CBD companies we looked into were forthcoming with any of their info. That speaks volumes to us!! Love Holistic Hemp Co." -Arron L.  

"I suffer from really bad migraines and have to go to bed or go to the hospital. I get botox every 3 months. My doctor told me about CBD oil and i now take it. I know longer take the botox and the migraines are almost gone. This stuff is the BEST!!" -Leslie F
"My dog has a neurologist disorder and because of your oil I have taken him from 23 milligrams twice a day of pnenobarbital to 8 twice a day!!!! Of course I’m beyond happy. Thanks so much." - Donna S.
"I’m in love with Holistic Hemp Company!!! As a Massage Therapist, my goal is to provide a healing space through my work and the products I use are very important to me. The lovely ladies of Holistic Hemp shared with me their Hemp Massage Oil to try and I LOVE IT! I first used the oil on my husband who is a Dialysis patient and finally found relief from the cramps that result from his treatment. Sleep finally came for him that night! I’ve also shared the oil with my immediate family who suffer from arthritis, Lupus, and joint issues and they are amazed at the relief they get from the oil without having to take more prescription medication. My clients range from professional athletes to those with chronic diseases such as ALS, Fibromyalgia, and other medical issues who are all looking to feel better and I’m finding that the Hemp Massage Oil is providing that. I also use the products for my personal self-care for my shoulders and use the tinctures to help with my anxiety which can really impact my day. Being a holistic practitioner, I look for ways to provide natural healing, so the process Holistic Hemp uses to create their products is in line with my passion and vision for my own business. I also believe in these products so much I have started to sell them in my personal practice. Thank you for enhancing my work!" - Norma H.
"I have struggled with immense pain in my leg for as long as I can remember. My sciatic nerve keeps my leg is always swollen and painful. I've done all kinds of pain meds, treatments, injection therapy, etc. over the years. The first day I took the oral drops, I called my family in tears because that pain had actually subsided. I sleep better thru the nights now too. I know I'm accomplishing alot more in a day than I used to, probably because I can be on my feet longer. My body just feels better. " -Dorothy H. 

 "A wonderful and natural product! It is apparent that it was made with care and love. I would recommend it highly every time." - Eric M.
"I’ve been using Holistic Hemp’s CBD for the past 3 months for anxiety and couldn’t be happier. I’ve noticed that I don’t get stressed out as much as I use to about work and I’m no longer up all night worrying about everything. I’ve been using the 250 mg tincture every night about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep and find that I fall asleep much quicker than I used to and I stay asleep through the night. When I know I have a big meeting I will take some 30 minutes before to calm my nerves. I’ve been using the coconut oil on my face and have noticed an improvement in skin. I’ve also got an anxious dog who has been benefiting from the pet tincture. These products are amazing and have changed my life for the better. I’ve done a lot of research and Holistic Hemp offers a high quality product compared to others on the market. I also love that they are local business owners in my community and are extremely responsive to inquiries. I’m not usually the type to write reviews but I would encourage anyone to give their products a try." - Becky W. 
"I have been using the pet tincture for my 3 year old dog, Gypsy, for the past few months. Initially I bought it because Gypsy has a neuromuscular disease called Megaesophagus and I am always looking for something that might help her with her swallowing. (She has to be fed "vertically", allowing her food to go down to her stomach by gravity, then she has to stay in her chair for 15 minutes). After purchasing, I was researching the tincture and found that it might help with aggression in dogs. Gypsy has always been aggressive (I assume due to the fact she was a "street dog" and had to fend for herself before we adopted her). The tincture has made a huge difference in her aggressive behavior. We have a new puppy and I had been concerned about Gypsy being aggressive and possibly hurting the puppy. From the moment we got the new puppy, they have been best of friends. They play together and when they finally wear each other out, they sleep together. I am certain that the Cannabis oil has made the difference in Gypsy's personality and I will continue using it. I am also hoping that it will eventually help her with the Megaesophagus." - Joni. T 
"These products are amazing!! I've had a hard time finding different ways to tell the world what I love about these! I have done the CBD tinctures. I have always had anxiety issues and since I started using the oils I have noticed a HUGE improvement. I know I cannot "cure" anxiety but know that it's under control and I feel the joy of simply going out to dinner with friends, is unbelievable and wonderful! LOVE!" - Sarah A. 
"I had the pleasure of taking photos of their product and in the meanwhile have been using their CBD oil capsules pretty consistently. Although I wasn't sure what to expect....this stuff is amazing. Since taking the capsules, I have had very little back pain (which initially resulted from two car accidents.) And as far as my mood....this is where I have seen the most significant improvements!!! Virtually anxiety-free, way LESS stressed (even with a lot going on), I can drive down I-20 without feeling shell shocked like I used to and most importantly, I sleep like a baby. So please check them out! I rarely endorse products- but this stuff... is... good. And it is not marijuana... it is CBD (legal in texas and other states) your research and discover what this amazing medicine can do for you! They have a variety of products to choose from." - Katy D. 
According to a survey conducted by the Department of Clinical Sciences at Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine on pet owners using CBD:
95% of dog owners and 100% of cat owners felt that the consumption of hemp products provided pain relief.
83% of dog owners reported that hemp products helped relieve anxiety.
92% of cat and dog owners felt that hemp products reduced inflammation in their pets.


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