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Third Party Lab Testing

Why choose Holistic Hemp Co. CBD?


Holistic Hemp Co.'s American CBD hemp oil is quality checked and third-party tested multiple times during its process from farm to bottle. Our hemp is tested for cannabinoid potency and industrial hemp classification throughout the growth, harvest and formulation process.

Our expert Colorado hemp farmers provide the highest purity and potent genetics, while using only organic growing practices. Holistic Hemp Co. products are always free of contaminants, heavy metals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, solvents, pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Once formulated, our finished products are re-tested for a final quality and potency check. This ensures our customers receive what is listed on our bottle and the results they desire. To maintain our customers' trust, our lab reports are always available.

Each batch of our products is lab tested to ensure that we deliver high quality hemp products. We use a third-party lab to test our products so that our customers are confident that we have not influenced the testing process, and also that they are receiving what is on our label. We believe that more transparency creates better products and more trust between ourselves and our customers.

Each product is made from a specific batch of hemp. The lab reports correspond to each respective batch, and depict its phytocannabinoid density. If you would like to view your product's lab report, please find them below or contact us here.

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Lab Results Synopsis

Pet-Friendly Coconut Tincture 125mg Lot#1834129 

Pet-Friendly Coconut Tincture 250mg Lot#18248126

Natural Tincture 250mg Lot#1828403 

Natural Tincture 500mg Lot#1828404

Natural Tincture 1000mg Lot#1828424