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Holiday Hemp: A Gift of Joy, Healing and Well Being

People everywhere are opting to give natural and more meaningful gifts to their
loved ones. It just doesn’t get any better than Hemp CBD products that are safe
(non-toxic), non-psychoactive (safe for humans and pets) and loaded with healing
benefits. If you are wondering what to get everyone on your list, check out these
unique people pleasing ideas:
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Holistic Hemp Company: Indie Beauty Expo ‘Best In Show’ 2018 Nominee

Indie Beauty Expo 2018 was held in four international cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and London. More than 280 brands and over 350 products across 30 categories exhibited and the best have been nominated for the 2018 Best in Show Award Categories. An esteemed panel of professional beauty experts will test the nominated products and the winners of the 2018 Indie Beauty Best In Show will be announced in January. Holistic Hemp Company enjoyed the honor of having two products nominated in two unique categories! Read more ......
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CBD For Dogs: Treating Your BFF (Best Furry Friend) Naturally!

The multiple benefits of CBD have taken the natural wellness market by storm!
Because people experienced such outstanding results treating and supplementing with CBD oil, the next thought was, what about my dog Pepper? Is CBD Oil for dogs too? The answer is YES and here are some reasons why....
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CBD Oil for Chronic Pain: What You Need To Know!

CBD Oil for relieving chronic pain is on the radar for the top trend in natural relief!
People who suffer from chronic pain due to injuries, arthritis or many kinds of
physical challenges, are looking for natural alternatives for chronic pain management. The recent epidemic in opioid addiction has brought the dangers of chemical painkillers into sharp focus....
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CBD Topicals: Your Skin Loves Hemp

CBD skincare, beauty products and topicals are proving to have a multitude of surprising benefits. The accelerated growth of CBD topical products has created a buzz in the traditional beauty industry. Many mainstream market brands are beginning to include CBD infusion into their product lines. Meanwhile, the independent, organic CBD topicals and skincare product lines have already taken the lead.
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