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Why You Should Try a Hot Bath

While we all may dream of a relaxing bath at the end of the day, a lot of us are shower people. This is mostly out of necessity – since a shower can be quicker and free us up to move on to other responsibilities or tasks. But, a bath is much more than just a mentally relaxing activity; a bath can nourish your body in a number of ways. Bellow, we outline our case for taking a bath, and how you can make a better bath.

Natural, Easy Detox

The epidermis (skin) is the human body’s largest organ, and protects all of the other organs from harsh conditions like sunlight, heat or dry air. As the body’s protector, your skin endures a lot of wear and tear and needs to be nourished to prolong its vitality and appearance. A hot bath is a healthy, relaxing way to quickly detox your skin and will help your skin sweat, and rid it of unhealthy toxins.

Muscle Relaxation

Hot water baths encourage deep muscle relaxation to ease tension, prevent and ease headaches, and improve muscle elasticity. If you’ve had a hard day at the office, or are recovering from a tough workout, a hot bath can help soother your aching muscles.

Immunity Booster

The steam from a hot bath can benefit your immune system, and detoxify your pores. In fact, many steam room users cite a reduction in colds, coughs and flu symptoms after using a regiment of steam room visits. Steam can help your body sweat and generate more white blood cells – which fight disease and minor illnesses. A hot bath won’t give you quite the same effect, but the steam can help you sweat out some unhealthy toxins in your skin.

Three Quick Tips for a Better Bath

Now that you know why you should try a bath, let’s discuss how to take a better bath. Did you know that not all baths are created equal? You can actually take some simple steps to enrich the quality of your bath, and help nourish your skin.

1 – Moisturize Immediately Afterwards - Did you know that baths can lower cortisone levels? This helps your skin prevent the signs of aging, and fight acne. But, you must moisturize with lotion or oil immediately after. This helps keep the moisture in your skin, and prevents it from dehydrating.

2 – Add Essential Oils - Your bath can be whatever you want it to be! By adding essential oils, you can help create your own aromatic experience – and benefit from the nutrients in the oil. You should only add 6 – 8 drops of one type of oil per 50-gallon bath. But, that is subject to your interpretation.

3 – Avoid Bubbles – Bubbles typically indicate that a soap was made with a chemical detergent – which can be terrible for your skin and cause some nasty reactions. Oftentimes, these detergents strip your skin of healthy oils essential to your skin’s natural state and health. When drawing a bath, try to stick with natural products and avoid harsh chemicals.

Read more about how natural soap can help your skin here.

Check Out Our Bath Products

A hot bath increases blood circulation, and helps soothe damaged tissue. It can be a vital component in a healthy skin regiment, and give you time to unwind and reset your body. You can improve that experience by adding your own essential oils and nutrition to your bath. We have a variety of natural bath products that can help enrich your bath, and nourish your skin. Click here for more information about our bath products.

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