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Hemp in Ancient and Modern History: Early History of Hemp In America

The Native Americans recognized cannabis for medicinal healing powers, as well as the plant’s usefulness for fiber to make thread, rope and cloth. Soaked seeds were used for stomach ailments and decoction of the roots were used to treat inflammation in the body and for pain relief. When people were recovering from an illness, they often smoked cannabis to help them “get going” again. There are those that claim that cannabis was also a part of the sacred peace pipe practice of tribal visionaries.

It is reported that the Puritans brought hemp seeds along with hemp fiber with them on their long journey from England to the New World. Hemp fiber was an important commodity used in Britain for making rope, cloth, and cording for outfitting ships, as well as for domestic use.
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The History of Hemp as Paper

Industrial hemp is an incredible plant that comes in various forms and final products. It’s versatility has made it an industrial powerhouse for producing green building materials and textiles, but did you know that hemp can also be made into paper? Hemp paper has a rich global history that reaches back to ancient China and the creation of a papermaking recycling process.

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Four Healthy Benefits of Adding Hemp into Your Diet

Industrial hemp is a fantastic and versatile crop that has a variety of uses. From CBD products, to hemp-based concrete, industrial hemp is truly a cash crop. But, what about the healthy benefits of hemp? Can you incorporate hemp into your diet to become healthier? It turns out that, yes, you can! Below are four healthy benefits of adding hemp into your diet.
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