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CBD Oil for Chronic Pain: What You Need To Know!

CBD Oil for relieving chronic pain is on the radar for the top trend in natural relief!
People who suffer from chronic pain due to injuries, arthritis or many kinds of
physical challenges, are looking for natural alternatives for chronic pain management. The recent epidemic in opioid addiction has brought the dangers of chemical painkillers into sharp focus....
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CBD Topicals: Your Skin Loves Hemp

CBD skincare, beauty products and topicals are proving to have a multitude of surprising benefits. The accelerated growth of CBD topical products has created a buzz in the traditional beauty industry. Many mainstream market brands are beginning to include CBD infusion into their product lines. Meanwhile, the independent, organic CBD topicals and skincare product lines have already taken the lead.
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CBD: Hottest Health Trend of 2018 and Beyond?

It seems safely accurate to say that CBD oil is the hottest health and wellness trend in 2018. It is seemingly, everywhere and in everything! Well, not quite. However, the discovery of vast ranges of benefits, and the products that deliver them, are increasing daily! ......
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Six Fun Earth Day Facts and How you Can Live More Eco-Friendly

n 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed Earth Day at a UNESCO Conference. Senator Nelson set out to raise awareness about environmental issues affecting the world, and wanted them to be discussed at the state and federal level. On April 22, 1970, Earth Day was officially declared a United States holiday – and over 20 million people celebrated on the first Earth Day........ read more.

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The History of Hemp as Paper

Industrial hemp is an incredible plant that comes in various forms and final products. It’s versatility has made it an industrial powerhouse for producing green building materials and textiles, but did you know that hemp can also be made into paper? Hemp paper has a rich global history that reaches back to ancient China and the creation of a papermaking recycling process.

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