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Holistic Hemp Company: Indie Beauty Expo ‘Best In Show’ 2018 Nominee

Indie Beauty Expo 2018 was held in four international cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and London. More than 280 brands and over 350 products across 30 categories exhibited have been nominated for the 2018 Best in Show Award Categories. Indie Beauty Expo 2018 ‘s esteemed panel of professional beauty experts will test the nominated products. The criteria of evaluation will include: functionality, efficacy, texture, durability, packaging, scent, ingredients, performance, design and social responsibility. Holistic Hemp Company enjoyed the honor of two products that were nominated in two categories.  

Holistic Hemp Company was nominated in the ‘Best Ingestible’ category for their coconut pet-friendly tinctures and in the ‘Best Bath Product’ category for their crystal bath bombs.The Holistic Hemp Company founders, Alania and Amber, are both excited and grateful to have their products nominated from the more than 280 brands exhibited. The finalists will be announced towards the end of the year and the winners will be announced in January 2019.

Here are the highlights of the Holistic Hemp Company, Indie Beauty Expo 2018 nominated products: 

Pets and their humans love HHC Coconut Pet Friendly Tinctures.These phytocannabinoid rich tinctures are formulated with coconut oil instead of grape seed oil, which makes them safe for pets. This tincture formula, which provides calming relief, has proven to be very popular with customers, for themselves, as well as their pets. It is exciting that this quality tincture product was selected by the IBE for nomination in the ingestible category, therefore showcasing it as a versatile and valuable product.

When it comes to beauty and luxurious bathing, HHC ‘s Bath Bomb Soak (crystal bath bomb) has remained one of the favorites in the HHC bath and body product line. This organic bath bomb is rich with luxury ingredients, including a hidden amethyst or quartz crystal! It is formulated with European clay and essential oils and contain no artificial ingredients. Additionally, the slow dissolving formula, without excessive fizz, makes these oversize bombs usable for 2 soaks! You just let the bath bomb dissolve about half way then remove it and place it in a soap dish to drain and dry, to re-use in your next luxury bath!  Oh, and after the second use, don’t forget to capture your hidden crystal treasure!

The Indie Beauty Expo is growing exponentially each year as the increase in demand for natural, organic and CBD infused beauty products increases. Independent companies, such as Holistic Hemp Company are leading the way in high quality innovative products that deliver the full spectrum of beauty, health and well-being.

The savvy consumer is clearly leading the future landscape of the beauty industry. The Indie Beauty Expo is providing an international showcase for those innovative companies and their products that meet the natural, organic product demand.

Holistic Hemp Company has been and remains one of the most dedicated innovators of high quality hemp based and CBD products! 

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