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CBD For Dogs: Treating Your BFF (Best Furry Friend) Naturally!

The multiple benefits of CBD have taken the natural wellness market by storm! 
Because people experienced such outstanding results treating and supplementing with CBD oil, the next thought was, what about my dog Pepper? Is CBD Oil for dogs too? The answer is YES and here are some reasons why.

The benefits of CBD in and on the human body are due to the action of CBD on
receptors in the Endocannabinoid System, ECS. Other mammals, including dogs, also have an ECS. That’s exciting news, when it comes to treating your dog naturally for ailments, as well as supplementing your dog for optimal health and well being!

Actually, cannabis was used to treat farm animals, horses, and pets in earlier times before the prohibition of cannabis. At the turn of the century the veterinary use of cannabis hemp for treatment of various conditions was commonplace.

Now, with the relatively recent discovery of cannabidiol, CBD, it is possible to treat your dog naturally and safely for many conditions. Here are three of the most common ailments that dogs suffer from that can be relieved with CBD oil for dogs.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

CBD is a powerful analgesic (pain reliever) that can safely be dosed in small
amounts, over time. Because CBD is non toxic and non psychoactive, it is possible to help your favorite fur friend enjoy ease of painless movement throughout the day.


Many dogs suffer from various degrees of anxiety. Perhaps your dog becomes hyper active and acts out when he has to go to the vet, or from separation anxiety when you leave the house. Dogs often develop anxiety from being left alone at home for long hours or perhaps, from fear of noises. Whatever the cause of the anxiety, CBD acts upon the receptors in your dogs brain that are in the Serotonin Pathway, thereby providing relaxation, improvement in mood and behavior. Daily dosing of CBD oil been shown to relax your dog without making him lethargic and provides a fundamental feeling of ease that eliminates ‘bad boy’ behavior!

Epilepsy and Seizures

An astounding number of dogs, around 5% plus, suffer from Epilepsy. Clinical trials on using CBD Oil for Epilepsy in dogs conducted at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the University of Colorado, has shown the efficacy in the reduction of seizures. CBD provides a safe, non-toxic treatment that has proven to increase the quality of life for dogs suffering from epilepsy.

What is the best method and amount of dosing CBD for dogs?

The best ways to start is with a low dosage and slowly increase it gradually up to the desired daily dose and result. Notice the effects and adjust the dose accordingly. 

Dosing amount will depend on your dog’s body weight and could be as low as 0.05 mg of CBD per kg (2.2 lbs.). You can administer three small doses over the course of a day instead of one larger dose. You can also observe you dog and increase the dosage slowly over time. You can increase the dose by 5 mg over the course of 4 to 5 days if you do not see any improvement. If you feel uncomfortable with determining the daily amount to consume for your dog and for their condition you are treating, please consult a holistic veterinarian.

The best method for administering CBD to your dog is sublingually, if your dog
allows. If not, then put drops on your hand or over their food and let him lick it.

Have you tried CBD for your dog? How did your dog respond? Did it help with the condition you were treating? Do you supplement your dog with a daily dose of CBD?

Please share your experiences and insights in the comment section below!

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