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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients

Your skin is you body’s largest organ and it is filled with thousand of pores – which means that it absorbs things easily. Anything that is applied to the skin - such as moisturizers, lipsticks, deodorants, and other cosmetics – are absorbed into the body and the blood stream just as if you’d eaten it. So, ask yourself this: would you rather eat a harmful chemical or a piece of organic fruit straight from the earth? That answer is simple, but in biological terms, you’re selecting to present chemicals into your bloodstream each time you use lotion or face wash. But, there is another way: you can buy organic skin care products to lower your chemical intake, and absorb more vital vitamins and nutrients.

1 - Unnatural Soap Contains Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals such as phthalates, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, and parabens, are all commonly used in cosmetics and body care products, and are known carcinogens or toxins that affect the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems. Additionally, the average adult is exposed to just over 168 hazardous chemicals each day. and many of these chemicals come form skin and body care products. You can reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals by switching to natural skin care products – which are much more gentle on your skin, and include ingredients that you can actually pronounce. 

2 - Organic Soap is Packed with Vital Nutrition

The epidermis (skin) is the largest organ in the human body, and it endures more wear and tear than any other organ. Due to this, your skin needs extra protection from the elements with essential vitamins and minerals. For instance, Vitamin A and D help repair damaged skin, and keep it moisturized to avoid cracking and flaking. Additionally, vitamin A promotes skin cell growth, and inhibits the creation of unhealthy oils. Natural soaps are often packed with vitamins and nutrients that come from their earth-based ingredients. To help boost your skin’s health and appearance, buy natural soap that features vitamins A, D, and C.

3 - Natural Soap is More Eco-Friendly

Producing natural soap doesn’t just benefit the end users, but it’s also better for the environment. Non-organic cosmetic products often rely upon chemical fertilizers for production. These chemical pesticides are made up of lead, zinc, and aluminum. Unfortunately, these pesticides are mined in some of the most sensitive places on earth – like the Amazon rainforest. By being less dependent on oil-based fertilizers and pesticides, organic farming methods offer a practical model for providing an eco-friendly production of organic cosmetic products. By supporting small businesses that make natural skin care products, you can help support greener soap production methods and help improve the planet.

Take Care of Your Skin

When buying your next skin care product, ask yourself if it is providing the nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy and vibrant. We suggest buying soap that is made from all natural ingredients so that you can nourish your skin, and keep it naturally healthy. By using soaps made from natural ingredients, you can decrease the amount of harmful chemicals introduced into your body, and help promote a more eco-friendly way of manufacturing products.

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